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The best underground music around !!!


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We are a record label of the future! we have realized that music is in trouble and we intend to fix that. With you to help us steer the way. We are a label made by musicians for other musicians! Our goal is to build a international powerhouse independent record label. With only the best music around the globe! We see no genres, race, boarders we only hear the music! As you enjoy the amazing music on this label please purchase some of their music. 90% of the digital sales goes to them! Only 10% goes to us to keep this ball rolling! With You and the artist here sharing the website and spreading the word we will dominate the online international music scene! Any country.... Any Genre... It's all LOVE here !!!

What we represent! We are an independent record label that uses the power of sharing over the internet to increase the visibility of our artists, coupled with a team of support staff, that helps to bring you where you want to be in this chaotic music industry!

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