What we represent! We are an independent record label that uses the power of sharing over the internet to increase the visibility of our artists, coupled with a team of support staff, that helps to bring you where you want to be in this chaotic music industry!

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Do You Want To Be Considered For Our Label?

Ok so here is a basic overview of what the label is What it does, what we get from you and what we give you in return... Some details may vary.Please ask if you have questions!!! 

Q: What is the concept of this Record Label?

A: Imagine if Soundcloud , Reverb Nation , Spotify and all the other platforms actually sifted             through all the artist and only put on the best of them! That is what we are doing !

Q:Does the label give advances?

A:Sorry no we do not. We can't! The music business is over saturated and to easy to record and      produce music and for a record label to give advances would cripple any small label! Maybe        in the future.

Q:What do we get as an artist on your label?

A:You get a nice web page with a custom SEO Also a Blind Sun Records url to share all your                   music and  social media links on.You get an exclusive label with the best underground                 artists and bands working together , sharing each others pages and helping each other               out! You will also  get discounts through our partner companies and services, With our                  team to help you! More contacts are being  made every day. 

Music Submission By Link Only!

Are you interested in joining us please contact us send us a link to your music

Submitting demos? We accept links only

Would You Like A Review Of Your Music?

Would you like a review of your music by our trusted music professionals? We can do that for you! Just click the pay pal links below for the package you want and submit above just put review or blog review in the subject area! We will Link the song to your pay pal e mail and will e mail you back ASAP or blog it ASAP and no you dont have to be on the label for this!



Album Review


Blog Post


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