What we represent! We are an independent record label that uses the power of sharing over the internet to increase the visibility of our artists, coupled with a team of support staff, that helps to bring you where you want to be in this chaotic music industry!

2019 Blind Sun Records All Rights Reserved

Our Team

Shawn Chase


20 + Years in music business

E Mail - blindsunent@gmail.com

Adriel Mourey

CEO Blind Sun Records UK

Talent Scout 

20+ Years In The Music Business

Owner Of ADM Entertainment 



E Mail: adm3ntertainment@gmail.com

Robb Becker

Artist Manager of Blind Sun Records


8 years military service


Email: R.Becker213@yahoo.com


Gage Watkins

COO of Blind Sun Records

Master Mechanic

Yung Dig

Social Media Manager For Blind Sun Records

Artist Builder, Social Media Influencer, Radio And Television Host, Behind The Scenes Guy For 20 Years

E Mail: yungdigz@gmail.com

Christy Miller

Editor/ Blogger at Blind Sun Records


 Avid Music Lover 

E Mail: brandonssexyshedevil@yahoo.com

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