What we represent! We are an independent record label that uses the power of sharing over the internet to increase the visibility of our artists, coupled with a team of support staff, that helps to bring you where you want to be in this chaotic music industry!

2019 Blind Sun Records All Rights Reserved

* We provide you a platform to direct your fans to to showcase your work

*We give you a support staff willing to take you as far as you want to go 

*We deliver a multitude of platforms to help grow your fan base using the sharing                  power of this internet thing

*We are growing with you as we succeed you succeed and vice versa 

*We study and research new developments on music related trends and will evolve 

*We are musicians whom have been in the trenches and understand the struggles

*We want to grow to a point where we can help all music thrive and become profitable

*We dont want to be an option we want to be the new standard

How It Works !

Anyone can join if you are good at your craft (any genre of music).

We listen for skill level and talent, not how much you spent to get it made.​

If we manage and release your music, book your shows, and everything we collect the money and charge you 10% of your earnings through us. You get 90% (not bad huh)!

You may quit us at any time with no hard feelings, but we will not reimburse any money and will remove you from distribution under our name.

As an artist you are expected to direct your fans to the website for your music and merch as much as possible.

As we grow and gain new services and opportunities you will receive them automatically and will be notified of them when they happen.

This is not a standard record label (yet). We will not hand you a pile of money to go record an album. We will however help you package, promote, distribute, and sell it.

We plan to grow to a massive level with your help, but Rome wasn’t built over night, so be patient please. We’re going to be fighting algorithms for you and sifting through the spam bots.

We have the right to drop you at any time, for whatever reason. Not that we want to but things like not showing up to gigs or other unprofessional actions will cause us to do so.

We want to help you succeed and we will! If you help us help you, and help others, it will work out great! It’s all about faith in each other and cross promotion so let’s use the internet and social media as the tool it can be to push quality music out there and rise up as the platform to be part of! See you there!

Please Reach Out With Any Questions!!!!

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